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"Οι χοντροι ανθρωποι που κοροιδευεις μπορουν να αδυνατισουν. Εσυ μπορεις να γινεις ανθρωπος?"

50 Shades Of Grey readers complaining about the cast!

I cant fucking understand why most of the FSOG readers are complaining about the casting. I find both Jamie and Dakota perfect for the leading roles as Christian and Anna. Surely It’s impossible for everyone to be satified as every reader has a different IMAGINATION!

If one of our more popular male and female actors/sses instead had taken the part, they wouldnt have the chance to be seen as Christian and Anna, leading to the fact that they wouldnt have the chance to show off their acting skills. Give them a chance!

  -  24 July
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